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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Transformational Coaching (HNT) 

How much will it cost YOU when your employees leave?

  • 61% UK employees, plan to leave or left a job due to mental health issues

  • Globally, approx 12 billion working days (50 million years of work) lost every year to depression and anxiety

  • 48% of employees say their mental wellbeing declined in 2022

    • 28% miserable in their workplace

    • 60% feel emotionally detached at work



  • De-Stress & Find Clarity: Reduce workplace stress and anxiety, allowing you to approach challenges with a calm and focused mind

  • Sharpen Your Decisions: Enhance mental clarity and focus, leading to better decision-making for your business.

  • Build Resilience & Adapt: Hypnotherapy strengthens your emotional resilience, equipping you to handle whatever the business world throws your way.


  • Communication Clarity: Improves communication with all parties, fostering positive relationships

  • Goal-Crushing Teams: Empower individuals to set clear goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve peak performance, both personally and as a team.

  • Behavioural Change: Changing patterns of behaviour to allow colleagues to modify their behaviours or help employees adapt to change more easily


Transformational Coaching

  • Ignite Growth Mindsets: Empower individuals to rewrite limiting beliefs and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth

  • Peak Performance: Unleash individual potential and create a culture of high-performance 

  • Leadership and Team Transformation: Develop visionary leaders and teams who inspire, motivate and guide your colleagues to achieve extraordinary results

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  • People don't leave businesses, they leave managers, let's stop that today!

  • Be the one of the first companies to offer hypnotherapy as a business perk

  • Let's discuss how we can work together and help your business grow to be the destination of choice for future employees

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