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What's it all about?

Heres a little more information but dont worry, I will propose the best way forward, all you need to do is book it and turn up!


Why is the initial complimentary meeting important?

Worried about booking a consultation? Don't be! This meeting is for YOU. It's a friendly chat about what you might need my help with, plus it helps you see if I'm the right fit to help.  The more I understand you, the better I can tailor a plan for success. 


Want to hear more? Check out my podcast, "Don't Get Your Feathers in a Twist!" where I explain this meeting in detail.

How long is a hypnotherapy or NLP session?

Aim for 1-hour max, but if it needs to run over a little, it will.  I wont stop a session due to time (ex hypnocell


There is a lot we can do in an hour. Sessions are not recorded

How many sessions do I need?

It depends on your requirements eg a spider phobia could be fixed in one session.  Other more complex issues may need up to 3 sessions, but I'll always aim to 'reset' you in as few sessions as possible, without compromising the overall outcome.


Email support (preferred as normally in sessions) follows all sessions booked, except tarot or numerology 

How much and how do I pay?

We will cover all these details during our initial consultation. My goal is not simply to schedule as many sessions as possible; I am committed to helping you achieve your desired results most effectively.

Please note that full payment is required when booking a session and I do offer various payment options and plans to accommodate your needs.

Read below for further information re each service

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