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Take a gamble on YOU today!

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Playing Cards at Home

Gambling Addiction

Online gambling demographic stats* 

  • UK

    • 17% of the population gamble online, resulting in £5.3b in revenue for this market alone

  • US

    • 2016 - 3% of 4.2b gambled regularly

    • 2018 - $306.5b online market


World gambling statistics
26% (1.6b) of the population gamble
4.2b gamble at least once a year!* 

Involved in a bet YOU cannot win?
Take back your life and kick addiction now!

Is the pull of "just one more spin" controlling your day, late-night bets keeping you up and chasing losses stealing your joy? You're not alone!

A serious problem affecting millions in the UK, gambling addiction silently destroys relationships, finances
 and self-worth. The truth is that willpower might not be sufficient on its own.  You might need some help to regain control of your life, escape the cycle and break old habits


  • Rewrite your story - Change the way your mind perceives gambling by programming it to associate feelings of empowerment and positivity instead of cravings

  • Create resilience - Acquire effective coping skills to withstand stressors and maintain your strength, one step at a time.

Remember -

  • You are not alone

  • This is your journey


An investment in yourself - Think about the cash you blew on all the games you played.  Invest in yourself today and download the programme and take back control of your life

Addicted to gambling? Download our programme today
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