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Transformational Life Coaching -  Session Guidance


Please ensure the following to enable you to have an uninterrupted session for 60 minutes

  • A comfy chair or somewhere you’ll be comfortable for an hour

  • Grab yourself a coffee or something that suits you

  • Comfy cushions

  • Turn off all phones, electrical devices and any other device that may interrupt the session

  • I will not take any notes, but if you wish to, you can



Session Schedule

  • Wk 1 - Introduction and getting to know each other

  • Session 1 - Clarity

  • Session 2 - Values/self

  • Session 3 - Moment

  • Session 4 - Vision

  • Session 5 - Transformation

  • Session 6 - Non-duality coaching

  • Session 7 - Physical energy

  • Session 8 - Emotional energy

  • Session 9 - Mental energy

  • Session 10 - Spiritual energy

  • Wk 12 - wrap up






I understand that results will vary and are not guaranteed. This is NOT a replacement for medical treatment, psychological or psychiatric services or counselling.  I understand the 7 Purple Feathers Ltd practitioner does not treat, prescribe for or diagnose any condition.  I understand the practitioner is a facilitator of the processes used in the session and is not practising any other profession that requires a license under the laws of England. I have agreed to participate to the best of my ability in each session. 


The above is an accurate representation of the required background information as requested.  I understand the session is completely confidential unless the practitioner feels that I or someone else may be in danger, in which case, disclosures will be kept to a minimum, necessary for my protection or the protection of a 3rd party


All data is to be kept in accordance with GDPR UK rules and regulations.  All data is strictly confidential.


7 Purple Feathers Ltd reserves the right to decline any sessions without providing a reason

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